Your Objective

Unleash utter devastation upon waves of enemies, survive against all odds, and reach the exit point with your life intact to secure your score on the leaderboard. But remember, the armory offers a range of equipment that can give you the edge you need to conquer this brutal battlefield.


The rewards you earn during the Alpha phase will be significant, reflecting your prowess and the dedication of the player community. So gear up, dive into the chaos, and show the world what you’re made of in the heart-pounding battleground of Buckshot!

Survive as long as you can, battling relentless foes and racing towards the exit bridge that awaits near your starting point. Validate your score, etching your name in the hall of legends. If you stumble upon a mysterious box, make sure you escape with it if you want to add its contents to your inventory. Keep an eye out for ammo and health packs scattered throughout the map, as they can mean the difference between life and death.

Compete on two different leaderboards during the Alpha phase and strive for victory. Your efforts will not go unnoticed, as there may be additional rewards beyond the mystery boxes. Your participation and feedback are highly valued, and they will shape the future of Buckshot.

Getting Started

Follow these steps for installing the game on your device:

  • Download game client
  • Unzip the game client in a new folder
  • Run the unity application named Buckshot
  • Game Controls >Click Here<

System requirements: 4GB GPU Ram Card, i5, 4GB Ram

Account Creation

To play the game, you only need an email address to register. Once your account is created, a confirmation email link will be sent and needs to be activated.  

The WEB3 components are built but disabled during the alpha testing phase, so for now, you do not need metamask. 

Once the alpha testing phase is completed, you will want to connect your wallet to reap the rewards of your efforts…

Game Economy

During the Alpha testing phase, you will have the chance to find mystery boxes. They will be revealed once the alpha phase is finished and upon game launch. All alpha testers will also receive a bonus starting inventory and spending purse in the form of a game code to enter the real leaderboard competition upon game launch.

The game economy for the Alpha phase goes as follows:

Free to play (F2P): 

  • You earn vBAM by killing enemies and exiting the game safely.
  • You spend vBAM in the shop to acquire special abilities.
  • Special abilities give you an edge over the environment and lead to better scores.
  • Gain leaderboard status and win real prizes.
  • Game Controls Guide

Rewards from the leaderboard for the Alpha phase will be consequential to the player base.

Leaderboards are as follows:

  • Most score in one game
  • Total score accumulated over the Alpha phase

Bambi started as a memecoin with 100 Trillion total supply & 95% issued at launch.

  • Stealth launch.
  • No taxes.
  • No presale.
  • Auto-compounding liquidity.
  • LP burnt and contract renounced.

Now we are building an ecosystem!

> Download the 2023 Roadmap

BAM Contract Address: 0x9DB0FB0Aebe6A925B7838D16e3993A3976A64AaB

Community Driven Ecosystem

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Disclosures and Legalease

Bambi falls under free use as it is in the public domain. Bambi and his likeness fall under Public Domain in all countries.

Bambi is not associated with any corporation and the token was made in part to show our love and support for a public domain character. Please be aware that $BAM is a meme asset with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. It has been created out of love for the community and for entertainment purposes only.

Contact: dev@bam.games

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